Thursday, April 3, 2008

Know a Co-op Resident?

If so, could you point them my way?

I'm looking to meet some people who have lived in a cooperative so that I can get some insider information. My wife and I took a look at a unit inside the Lorington Co-op, on 11th and Denny, this afternoon and several of the residents were congregating for a board meeting. They were all friendly and the real estate agent told us that they actually hang out together at times. I know he's a real estate agent, and it's his job to make the place sound appealing, but I believed him. I'm going to try and contact the board and see if they can give some testimonials about how co-op living differs from standard arrangements.

In planning news: a gentleman from Chicago who is relocating to Seattle will be in town this weekend. We're going to meet up on Saturday and bounce around some ideas about this project. If anyone else out there is interested, let me know, and we can get a bigger table.

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