Sunday, April 13, 2008

In the Family

My maternal grandmother's cousin and her husband bought this house in Fremont right after World War II. It's immediately north of 36th on 1st Ave. NW (about 50 yards from the Tacos Guaymas that is soon to be housing - the lot immediately left of the NW on The Stranger's map is their house). They have recently moved to retirement housing and their sons are looking to sell the house.

The area is zoned L2 and the lot is 6000 sq. ft. The development across the street is four green townhouses built on a 5000 sq ft. lot. Only of these units is still for sale; it is a 2 bed, 2.5 bath, with a 1 car garage for a cool $480,000. Reactionary architecture and ridiculous price aside, I think this is an okay development. I'd really love to put something beautiful across the street from it though...

According to the density requirements, I believe 5 units could be built but 4 may be optimum. The 4-plex immediately north sits comfortably on its lot and has a small yard out front.

There is an issue with improving the alley behind the property that has kept other developers away. My relatives are researching their options but it gives me some time to try and organize. Let me know if this is interesting to you. I may start exploring more traditional development options since I have this opportunity in front of me.


Greg said...

Are you looking for other owners to join you in building this development? If so, that's a pretty cool idea.

Keith said...

I am, indeed. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Greg said...

Wow, that's cool. Do you mind if I write about it and link people to your idea.

Keith said...

Thanks a lot; I'd appreciate anything you write and all the links you can send this way!

8 said...

Excellent! Once you start looking for an architect to help, please consider us, CAST architecture. We are right down the street, and we have a very cool, 5 unit townhouse under construction around the corner from you on Phinney. It will be at least 4 Star BuiltGreen-5 Star, if the new owners choose the solar option.
You can see more on our website:

I wish you all the best